Top Three Universities To Consider For MS


For starters, it enhances your qualifications, making you the ideal person for any job you wish to pursue. It has the add-ons of you getting a higher pay grade as well as earning a promotion faster. Also, for some jobs, it is essential for you to possess the degree of MS. Moreover, if you intend to carve a career in academics, it is a gateway to a doctoral degree.

Universities To Consider For MS

If you are somebody who wishes to deepen their knowledge and aim to achieve the status of an expert on a certain topic, then this is the way to go about it. Topics such as Management, Economics, Engineering, Law, etc. are among the top choices of the students. However, other topics such as Dispute Resolution, Public Policy, and even Divinity is available for picks!

Usually, USA is the no. 1 option for someone who wants a Master’s degree. These universities are the top picks for anybody who wishes to go down this line.


It consistently ranks among the world’s top universities, and several of its members have won the Nobel. Students in this program generally complete a major thesis of original research under the supervision of a faculty member or a research staff. They are famous for their course in Master of Science in mechanical engineering. However, other courses are equally illustrious. Your CV will make for a top notch one if it has MIT on it.

Duration: Typically 1.5-2 years

Fees: 40.17 lacs (first year)


1) Class 12th, Bachelors, GRE.

2) Applicants are also expected to have a UG-Level exposure to whichever discipline they choose to explore.


They aim to provide to their students an advanced preparation for professional practice in their respective fields. The Department of Electrical Engineering makes a full-time postgraduate degree package MS available to you in Electrical Engineering. This is a private university established in 1891. Adding this to your CV will place you right on top of the list of people who’ve applied for a particular job.

Duration: Typically 1.5-3 years

Fees: 52.04 lacs (first year)


1)Class 12th, Bachelors, 2-year Master’s degree following that BA Degree, GRE, TOEFL

(Score of at least 89)

2) Applicants are also expected to have a UG-Level exposure to whichever discipline they choose to explore.


This university is renowned for their department of computer science. However, other departments are equally lauded. Berkeley’s Master of Engineering Program goes beyond mere technical and theoretical specialization to offer courses in leadership and team oriented projects. The Master of Computer Sciences and Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering offer students with new opportunities. Overall, adding this name to your CV helps you endlessly and provides you with great knowledge.

Duration: Typically 1 years

Fees: 49.81 lacs (first year)


1) Class 12th, Bachelors (3.00 GPA), GRE, TOEFL(Score of at least 90), IELTS (Score of 7 at least)

2) Applicants are also expected to have Bachelor’s degree expertise in whichever field they choose.