Top 5 Educational Tech Blogs


Training will help you to advance to a new level quickly and so will education. Since these fast changes offer us the opportunity to enhance our knowledge at each level for all individuals; it is more essential now to approach the best new techniques, projects, and gadgets in the field of education immediately. Fortunately, many devoted teachers write blogs about their field of expertise, which is accessible through the Internet and is essential for the development of the society. Extremely knowledgeable, full of content and instantly helpful, these websites will show you a lot about the best and most progressive innovations for use in classrooms, at home, and wherever there are students who need to learn. Read on to find out about the top 5 Educational Tech Blogs.


Teacher Tech:

Alice Keeler is one of my record-breaking, most loved instructors in innovation. She presents herself at meetings, tweets, and web journals. She is also a Google Certified Teacher, and the majority of her posts spin around the G Suite (once in the past known as GAFE). Keeler’s blog covers everything that can be found in Google- from Chrome augmentations, G Suite tips and traps, and additional math technologies. She will react to your remarks on her posts and additionally to any immediate tweets. Make sure to scope out the Tag Cloud at the base of her pages in the event that you are searching for some particular substance.

Byot Network:

Tim Clark earned his PhD. in the instructive initiative which covers an extensive variety of instructive points. He’s the creator of numerous instructive articles including his own blog. Being a Doctor, his posts are more scholarly and research-based; while, Keeler’s posts are more application-based. In any case, both are incredible web journals. Dr. Clark’s Blog: BYOT, Bring Your Own Technology (innovation has been exchangeable with Device, BYOD), covers themes on instructive administration, joint effort, advanced education, and reasonable utilize. These themes greatly benefit to new educators, even the initiative piece.

Class Tech Integrate:

It has been discovered that this site is more adapted to the geek educator – somebody who has a great deal of foundational tech learning and needs to enhance that with further knowledge. This is to elevate software engineering to all students, over all orders. When you get a kick out of the chance to join the development, I propose looking at this blog. Read this blog to scope out a lot of job opportunities for yourself.

Class Tech Tips:

Monica Burns, another instructor turned tech pioneer, is an Apple Distinguished Educator, gathering moderator, and furthermore holds a few honors from driving tech organizations around the nation. She has a one of a kind inclination on her blog postings from her latest post, 5 Apps for Student Sports Lovers with Curriculum Connections, Best Technology for School Grant Program, and How to Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts. This blog will genuinely help you get out of all the situations where you might feel technologically restrained.

ED Tech Teacher:

The Ed Tech Teacher blog is excellent because it includes a team of educators’ posts. Their team is made up of K-12 educators, instructional designers, instructors, etc. There is a wide perspective posted here to appeal to all teachers. They cover great topics to inspire new ideas in the classrooms, Smashing Apps and harnessing Chromebooks, to name a couple. If you are looking for something to freshen up your classroom, this is a one-stop-shop.

These are some of the best Educational Tech Blogs. Feel free to check them out!